Dr. Lu-Upper East SideACA Acupuncture & Wellness Upper East Side is located on 71st Street between York and First Avenue. This location not only serves local residents but also patients from nearby hospitals and businesses. The managing acupuncturist for the Upper East Side location is Dr.Rong Lu.

Dr. Lu received her master’s degree from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. She completed a 7 year bachelor-master program in a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Clinical Medicine. She has worked for ACA since 2011 and before that she practiced acupuncture at a hospital in China.

Like many of ACA’s managing acupuncturists, Dr. Lu experienced the “magic” of acupuncture, as she calls it, when she was a young child living in China. She recounted an experience of falling ill and her family’s feeling of frustration when the western doctors that she went to see couldn’t give her an explanation of what was wrong and why it wasn’t clearing up.  It wasn’t until her mother gave her a cupping treatment, that she began to feel relief.  This was only the beginning of planting a seed that would later grow into her passion. During high school, Dr. Lu studied Chinese medicine and remembers the feeling of fascination and excitement for how quickly patients could begin to feel better.

Dr. Lu most often treats patients for pain from an injury, back pain, headaches, and weight loss. She emphasized how important she feels it is to take her time with each one of her patients and get a comprehensive history of their health. This involves so much more than just asking questions about their symptoms and includes inquiring about their diet, sleep habits, and exercise routine. Dr. Lu works hard to advise her patients in all areas of their health and believes strongly that by being so thorough, she shows her patients that she cares and inspires them to take a more active role in their own health and well being.

Dr. Lu specializes in women’s health issues such as infertility (including IUI, IVF supporting), PMS, menopause syndrome, PCOS, abnormal uterus bleeding, hormone imbalance, and painful period. Dr. Lu had many success stories to share with us about patients she has recently treated for these issues. One case that stood out was about a patient that came to see Dr. Lu last May. She was terribly frustrated because she was having a very hard time getting pregnant. The patient decided to give acupuncture a try, in the hopes that she could avoid the stress that often accompanies IVF treatments. To Dr. Lu’s delight, after one year of consistent acupuncture treatments, the patient got pregnant!

Dr. Lu hopes that ACA will play a big role in spreading the word about the effectiveness of acupuncture to heal disease and restore balance to the body. She hopes that more people will come to see her first before they spend months and years being in pain and feeling frustrated.

Services offered at this location are acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese massage (tuina), cosmetic acupuncture, herbal facial, cupping, reflexology, and moxibustion.

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