Conditions We Treat

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a sophisticated form of natural medicine with solutions to modern illnesses. Below are some of the common conditions that we treat at our Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey acupuncture and wellness clinics.

Acupuncture treats more than pain.

Acupuncturists find it unfortunate when patients cancel appointments because they are sick. Acupuncture has proven to help treat symptoms of the common cold and other viral illnesses. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is helpful for a wide variety of problems including mental and emotional stress, cancer, skin diseases, neurological disorders, dentistry, infections, childbirth, and gout to name a few.

You may be asked to show your tongue, have your pulse taken, and have your abdomen pressed.

Acupuncturists are interested in the state of your internal organs and using these methods they can determine the best treatment for you. Also, just like reflexology on the hands and feet, different areas of the tongue, radial pulse, and abdomen correspond to different organ systems of the body.

Ready for Your First Acupuncture Treatment?

ACA Acupuncture and Wellness treatments can help you regain your energy and address chronic pain. If you want to learn more or schedule an acupuncture appointment, click below.

Our Approach & What to Expect on Your First Visit

First, ensure that you are wearing comfortable, loose clothing. Pants should be able to be rolled to the knee. Sessions typically last around one hour beginning with a physical examination and discussion of your medical history. The remainder of the session is the treatment in which the acupuncturist inserts needles into different points of the body.


"Within 45 minutes, the pain was gone and I could move my neck and shoulder again."

Lorraine Y.

"Acupuncture has enormously improved my quality of life and my ability to deal with stress."

Robert F.

"How could this tiny needle make the pain go away?….But IT WORKS."

Raisha L.

ACA Franchise Opportunities

The over $4 billion US acupuncture market offers a great opportunity with over 10% annual growth rates and a continuing flow of new patients interested in the benefits of acupuncture.

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