Pain Relief in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture can help relieve chronic pain, whether from a pinched nerve, sciatica, arthritis, or other conditions. 

Acupuncture has been used to treat aches and pains since 200 BC.  It can help improve the circulation of Qi (energy), relax muscles and tissues, increase local nutritional intake, and balance local structures. In 2015, Dr. Oz voted acupuncture as the #1 alternative choice for pain relief.

Treatable Common Conditions

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Neck stiffness/pain

  • Sciatica

  • Back pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Knee pain

  • Hip pain

  • Arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sprains/strains

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Leg pain/cramps

  • Tendonitis

  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

  • Toothache


Acupuncture is not only effective for migraine headaches but also works very well with tension headaches, cluster headaches, post-traumatic headaches, and disease-related headaches that might be due to sinus problems, high blood pressure, or sleeping disorders. The greatest advantage of acupuncture over Western medicine is that it virtually does no harm. Acupuncture has no side effects and the procedures for treating headaches are much less invasive with acupuncture than with chemical drugs.

If you are suffering from headaches now, come and try acupuncture. Some acute headaches or migraines can be relieved in just 10-20 minutes.


Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States, limiting the activities of more than 16 million adults. Symptoms of osteoarthritis may include joint pain and progressive stiffness that develop over time. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may include painful swelling, inflammation, and stiffness in the fingers, arms, legs, and wrists, occurring in the same joints on both sides of the body, especially upon awakening.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been effective treatments for arthritis since ancient times.  At ACA, we have specific herb formulas for arthritis. Symptoms will be improved within 10 days to 1 month when using these herbs, with or without acupuncture. We often see full relief of symptoms with longer treatment (2-3 months).

Lorraine Yamm, Neck Pain

“I came into the office unable to turn my neck or shoulder to the left without feeling shooting pain down my right side. I was so afraid I had pinched a nerve and would be immobile for months. Within 45 minutes, the pain was gone and I could move my neck and shoulder again. The acupuncture treatment was so effective.  Dr. Liu located an acupuncture spot in my right hand that was connecting to my neck, shoulders and back. It was like magic! He massaged the point on my right hand, and the remainder of the pain was released. Thank you Dr. Liu.”

Raisha Liriano, Back Pain

“I was suffering from the worst back pain ever! I couldn’t stand for long, I couldn’t sit for long. Even lying down was painful. I decided to try Acupuncture. I have to admit I was skeptical.  How could this tiny needle make the pain go away? But IT WORKS. After the first treatment, I felt no pain.  With only three treatments I am PAIN-FREE.”

Michael De Leon, Shoulder Pain

“I came to Dr. Liu with left shoulder pain and numbness on my left index finger. Through his knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture he took the time to explain to me where my injury was located. Within the completion of my first session of acupuncture, I felt results immediately. The pain was less and the numbness to my index finger had resolved and I have finally had a good night’s rest. I look forward to completing the rest of my acupuncture sessions as recommended. I would highly recommend Dr. Liu to anyone. He is a true professional and kind and gentle soul.”

ACA Franchise Opportunities

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