fighting cancer with acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to fighting cancer

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) view on cancer is that the seed of cancer exists in every human body, and the occurrence of cancer depends on the body’s susceptibility. Different cancers can occur in different human constitutions.

In modern medicine, there are many types of cancer treatments, and most people have a combination of treatments, such as surgery with chemotherapy and or radiation therapy. Other options are immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or hormone therapy.

While often effective, traditional cancer treatments’ physical and emotional side effects can be difficult for patients.

While modern medicine focuses on attacking the cancer cells, TCM focuses on strengthening the patient’s immune system by changing the body’s constitution and eliminating the cancer growth environment.

Attack cancer

  • Relieve cancer-related pain: acupuncture is a powerful tool for relieving aches and pain caused by cancer, nausea, and swollen joints
  • Improve Qi (energy) in the heart: reinforcing vital energy and improving the function of the heart, which enhances the body’s resistance to the disease
  • Reinforce digestive system (spleen, stomach, liver): improving the appetite and increasing nutritional intake while facilitating bowel movements to expel waste and toxins
  • Promoting blood circulation and detoxification: the body can fight against cancer more effectively by promoting blood circulation – detoxification can weaken the tumor and make it decrease in size

“Aoling Granule” is our unique patented herb for cancer care. 60% of cancer patients show physical improvements and better spirits after taking medicine. We can add customized ingredients for different kinds of cancer-based on patients’ conditions.

We can help patients with all types of cancer by improving their body constitutions. We make personalized treatment plans according to different syndromes, stages of the disease, and effects during radiation therapy or chemotherapy. We strive to improve each patient’s condition and well-being throughout their treatment.

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