What is Tuina massageWhat is Tuina massage? 

Tuina or tui-na (pronounced twee-nah) massage is one of the four main traditional Chinese medicine branches. The other three are acupuncture, qi gong, and Chinese herbal medicine. It originated in ancient China and is one of the oldest systems of bodywork. 

Tuina generally follows the acupuncture points and channels. It targets specific acupoints; practitioners use different techniques instead of needles to apply pressure to stimulate these points. Patients can use Tuina massage in combination with acupuncture.

How tuina massage works 

Like acupuncture, tuina massage uses the same energy meridians and acupoints to improve the qi (energy) and blood in your body to promote better health. Qi that’s blocked or not flowing can cause blockages, resulting in pain and other illness. The main therapeutic goal of tuina massage is to remove the blockages to improve local and overall qi and blood balance in the body.

Tuina or tui-na

What can tuina massage treat?

Tuina massage can treat specific health concerns or areas in the body. It would be best if you talked to your doctor before using it to treat any medical conditions.

Tuina massage techniques effectively reduce pain and stress, encourage relaxation, and deepen sleep, which is particularly useful with fatigue, insomnia, headaches, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, and so much more. At ACA, we use tuina in conjunction with acupuncture treatments to enhance the results based on each patient’s condition. 

Side effects

It depends on the conditions tuina is treating; sometimes, it’s not a gentle or relaxing massage. You may feel some discomfort or soreness during or after a session. Slight bruising is possible. Talk to your doctor before adding tuina massage to your treatment plan if you have any health concerns. 

Tuina massageTuina at ACA

At ACA Acupuncture & Wellness, all of our tuina massage therapists have gone through rigorous training. They have a deep understanding of Chinese medicine. We incorporate tuina as part of your healing plan, which includes all four branches of Chinese medicine. 

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