ACA and Hwato, China’s premier acupuncture needle company, have collaborated to develop a superior acupuncture needle for importation and distribution in the US. Established 125 years ago, Hwato is China’s oldest, largest, and most-respected manufacturer of acupuncture devices. Manufacturing takes place at the Suzhou Medical Appliance Factory which has international certification such as the TGA of Australia, FDA of the USA, TUV Certificate of Germany, and ISO accreditation.

ACA’s stainless steel “high efficacy” needle is made with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. With a brass wire handle, our needle is easy to grip and visually appealing. The needle is designed for the highest level of efficacy and has excellent insertion and gliding properties. It is flexible for easy use and has a smooth surface quality, coated with silicone oil.

In addition to the “high efficacy” needle, ACA will also offer a “high comfort” brand needle. These stainless steel flat head needles will be of Hwato guaranteed high quality but offered at an affordable price. Our goal is to create a high global standard for needle quality by offering China’s highest quality acupuncture needles at reasonable rates.

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