Chinese Medicine for Infertility

Today, many high-tech reproductive specialists are turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help patients for whom western medicine alone is not quite enough. Acupuncture is quickly becoming an accepted fertility protocol.

ACA Acupuncture & Wellness provides acupuncture and herbal therapy for women seeking a natural pregnancy or planning to use reproductive techniques such as IUI and IVF.

 How Infertility Acupuncture works:

  • Placing needles at key energy meridians linked to the reproductive organs moves the flow of Qi (vital energy) to deficient areas, empowers local organs, and encourages fertility.
  • Placing the body in a calm and restorative state that increases a sense of well-being helps the body accept life’s creation.
  • Balances elevated follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • Regulates neuro-endocrinological function and improves local blood circulation of the uterus and ovaries. Acupuncture can reduce uterine contractions and assist in embryo implantations. It also alleviates anxiety, stress, and depression.

Treatment Plan 

Usually, patients need at least three months of consistent regular treatment, and the more extensive the treatment, the better the results are. In the first three months or three menstrual cycles, the body starts to regulate the hormonal system, and the couple must expect to devote 6-9 months of consistent treatment before evaluation. Doctors will prescribe herbal pills or tea to supplement the treatment based on the body’s constitution. 

Preparation for IVF or IUI

We highly recommend beginning acupuncture and herbal medical treatment 2 or 3 months before the IVF procedure if planning to use this reproductive technique. This makes the body more susceptible to the treatment and increases the chance of success.

Many patients may require several months to 1 year of treatment before receiving IVF. The recommended treatment schedule varies for each individual and is based on various factors, and it is recommended to come once or twice weekly until egg retrieval and embryo transfer. 

Facts about Infertility Acupuncture

  • About 15% of the total population experience difficulties with conceiving a child.
  • About 20% of infertility cases are due to a problem in the man.
  • About 40% to 50% of infertility cases are due to a problem in the woman.
  • About 30% to 40% of infertility cases are due to issues in both the man and the woman.

Common Causes of Infertility

  • Ovulatory dysfunction
  • Pelvic organ abnormalities
  • Male infertility
  • Problems in the immune system

Don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information on infertility treatment and other health concerns. We accept most insurance and will work to set you an appointment as soon as possible.

Infertility Acupuncture as a treatment shows excellent results both in men and women. Acupuncture can be a successful treatment in restoring fertility.

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