Acupuncture for sports injuries

Do you have annoying pain due to sports injury or long-term wear and tear? Swelling? Tightness? Limited range of motion?

Have your conditions not been improving, no matter how many PT sessions or surgeries you’ve had? Acupuncture can be an alternative for fast relief naturally. Accompanied by tuina (a form of bodywork that follows Chinese medicine principles) and herbal remedies can be even more effective.

A traumatic impact can cause sprains, fractures, strains, torn muscles, or ligaments with an acute injury. Acute injuries are usually isolated to the injury area and respond favorably to acupuncture treatments. The sooner they are treated, the faster the recovery. If not appropriately treated, acute injury can develop into chronic or repeated injuries in the exact location.

In contrast, long-term chronic injuries often result from overusing one area of the body. We often see this happens with athletes, musicians, dancers, gamers, coders, etc. Common symptoms of such chronic injuries include pain during activities that involve particular movements, swelling, and constant ache while at rest. Some people may lose their hope for recovery from their chronic injuries, especially limitations in certain functions.

ACA Acupuncture & Wellness specializes in treating acute and chronic injuries with our unique acupuncture techniques, tuina, and herbal remedies. Now aided by our revolutionary AI Meridian Detector, you can experience immediate relief after each treatment.

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